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Mark unused arguments and remove unused variables

* lisp/play/dunnet.el (dun-mode, dun-die, dun-inven, dun-try-take):
(dun-dig, dun-type, dun-n, dun-s, dun-e, dun-w, dun-ne, dun-se):
(dun-nw, dun-sw, dun-up, dun-down, dun-in, dun-out, dun-long):
(dun-swim, dun-score, dun-flush, dun-piss, dun-sleep, dun-drive):
(dun-superb, dun-power, dun-unix-parse, dun-bin, dun-fascii):
(dun-ftpquit, dun-ftphelp, dun-uexit, dun-pwd, dun-dos-parse):
(dun-dos-invd, dun-dos-spawn, dun-dos-exit, dun-dos-nil):
(dungeon-nil): Mark arguments as unused.
(dun-drop, dun-objnum-from-args, dun-get-path, dun-ftp):
(dun-restore): Remove unused variable.
parent 299b190a
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
(make-local-variable 'scroll-step)
(setq scroll-step 2))
(defun dun-parse (arg)
(defun dun-parse (_arg)
"Function called when return is pressed in interactive mode to parse line."
(interactive "*p")
......@@ -210,13 +210,13 @@ disk bursts into flames, and disintegrates.")
(dun-score nil)
(setq dun-dead t))
(defun dun-quit (args)
(defun dun-quit (_args)
(dun-die nil))
;;; Print every object in player's inventory. Special case for the jar,
;;; as we must also print what is in it.
(defun dun-inven (args)
(defun dun-inven (_args)
(dun-mprinc "You currently have:")
(dun-mprinc "\n")
(dolist (curobj dun-inventory)
......@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ on your head.")
(defun dun-drop (obj)
(if dun-inbus
(dun-mprincl "You can't drop anything while on the bus.")
(let (objnum ptr)
(let (objnum)
(when (setq objnum (dun-objnum-from-args-std obj))
(if (not (setq ptr (member objnum dun-inventory)))
(dun-mprincl "You don't have that.")
......@@ -412,10 +412,10 @@ For an explosive time, go to Fourth St. and Vermont.")
;;; We try to take an object that is untakable. Print a message
;;; depending on what it is.
(defun dun-try-take (obj)
(defun dun-try-take (_obj)
(dun-mprinc "You cannot take that."))
(defun dun-dig (args)
(defun dun-dig (_args)
(if dun-inbus
(dun-mprincl "Digging here reveals nothing.")
(if (not (member 0 dun-inventory))
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ with a bang. The key seems to have vanished!")
just try dropping it.")
(dun-mprincl"You can't put that there.")))))))))))
(defun dun-type (args)
(defun dun-type (_args)
(if (not (= dun-current-room computer-room))
(dun-mprincl "There is nothing here on which you could type.")
(if (not dun-computer)
......@@ -567,40 +567,40 @@ just try dropping it.")
;;; Various movement directions
(defun dun-n (args)
(defun dun-n (_args)
(dun-move north))
(defun dun-s (args)
(defun dun-s (_args)
(dun-move south))
(defun dun-e (args)
(defun dun-e (_args)
(dun-move east))
(defun dun-w (args)
(defun dun-w (_args)
(dun-move west))
(defun dun-ne (args)
(defun dun-ne (_args)
(dun-move northeast))
(defun dun-se (args)
(defun dun-se (_args)
(dun-move southeast))
(defun dun-nw (args)
(defun dun-nw (_args)
(dun-move northwest))
(defun dun-sw (args)
(defun dun-sw (_args)
(dun-move southwest))
(defun dun-up (args)
(defun dun-up (_args)
(dun-move up))
(defun dun-down (args)
(defun dun-down (_args)
(dun-move down))
(defun dun-in (args)
(defun dun-in (_args)
(dun-move in))
(defun dun-out (args)
(defun dun-out (_args)
(dun-move out))
(defun dun-go (args)
......@@ -774,7 +774,7 @@ engulf you, and you burn to death.")
huge rocks sliding down from the ceiling, and blocking your way out.\n")
(setq dun-current-room misty-room)))))
(defun dun-long (args)
(defun dun-long (_args)
(setq dun-mode "long"))
(defun dun-turn (obj)
......@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@ as you release it, the passageway closes."))
(dun-mprincl "The button is now in the on position.")
(setq dun-black t))))))))
(defun dun-swim (args)
(defun dun-swim (_args)
(if (not (member dun-current-room (list lakefront-north lakefront-south)))
(dun-mprincl "I see no water!")
(if (not (member obj-life dun-inventory))
......@@ -882,7 +882,7 @@ to swim.")
(setq dun-current-room lakefront-north)))))
(defun dun-score (args)
(defun dun-score (_args)
(if (not dun-endgame)
(let (total)
(setq total (dun-reg-score))
......@@ -896,7 +896,7 @@ to swim.")
"\n\nCongratulations. You have won. The wizard password is ‘moby’"))))
(defun dun-help (args)
(defun dun-help (_args)
"Welcome to dunnet (2.02), by Ron Schnell ( - @RonnieSchnell).
Here is some useful information (read carefully because there are one
......@@ -937,14 +937,14 @@ If you have questions or comments, please contact
My home page is
(defun dun-flush (args)
(defun dun-flush (_args)
(if (not (= dun-current-room bathroom))
(dun-mprincl "I see nothing to flush.")
(dun-mprincl "Whoooosh!!")
(dun-put-objs-in-treas (nth urinal dun-room-objects))
(dun-replace dun-room-objects urinal nil)))
(defun dun-piss (args)
(defun dun-piss (_args)
(if (not (= dun-current-room bathroom))
(dun-mprincl "You can't do that here, don't even bother trying.")
(if (not dun-gottago)
......@@ -956,7 +956,7 @@ My home page is
(list obj-URINE))))))
(defun dun-sleep (args)
(defun dun-sleep (_args)
(if (not (= dun-current-room bedroom))
"You try to go to sleep while standing up here, but can't seem to do it.")
......@@ -1012,12 +1012,12 @@ for a moment, then straighten yourself up.
(dun-mprincl "Your axe breaks it into a million pieces.")
(dun-remove-obj-from-room dun-current-room objnum)))))))))
(defun dun-drive (args)
(defun dun-drive (_args)
(if (not dun-inbus)
(dun-mprincl "You cannot drive when you aren't in a vehicle.")
(dun-mprincl "To drive while you are in the bus, just give a direction.")))
(defun dun-superb (args)
(defun dun-superb (_args)
(setq dun-mode 'dun-superb))
(defun dun-reg-score ()
......@@ -1073,7 +1073,7 @@ for a moment, then straighten yourself up.
(setq i (1+ i)))
(setq dun-endgame-questions newques))))
(defun dun-power (args)
(defun dun-power (_args)
(if (not (= dun-current-room pc-area))
(dun-mprincl "That operation is not applicable here.")
(if (not dun-floppy)
......@@ -1221,11 +1221,10 @@ for a moment, then straighten yourself up.
;;; words in the command, except for the verb.
(defun dun-objnum-from-args (obj)
(let (objnum)
(setq obj (dun-firstword obj))
(if (not obj)
(setq objnum (cdr (assq (intern obj) dun-objnames))))))
(setq obj (dun-firstword obj))
(if (not obj)
(cdr (assq (intern obj) dun-objnames))))
(defun dun-objnum-from-args-std (obj)
(let (result)
......@@ -1251,7 +1250,7 @@ for a moment, then straighten yourself up.
;;; Given a unix style pathname, build a list of path components (recursive)
(defun dun-get-path (dirstring startlist)
(let (slash pos)
(let (slash)
(if (= (length dirstring) 0)
(if (string= (substring dirstring 0 1) "/")
......@@ -2480,7 +2479,7 @@ treasures for points?" "4" "four")
;;;; This section defines the UNIX emulation functions for dunnet.
(defun dun-unix-parse (args)
(defun dun-unix-parse (_args)
(interactive "*p")
(let (beg esign)
......@@ -2693,7 +2692,7 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
(defun dun-ftp (args)
(let (host username passwd ident newlist)
(let (host username ident newlist)
(if (not (car args))
(dun-mprincl "ftp: hostname required on command line.")
(setq host (intern (car args)))
......@@ -2768,15 +2767,15 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
(dun-fascii 'nil)
(dun-mprincl "Unknown type.")))))
(defun dun-bin (args)
(defun dun-bin (_args)
(dun-mprincl "Type set to binary.")
(setq dun-ftptype 'binary))
(defun dun-fascii (args)
(defun dun-fascii (_args)
(dun-mprincl "Type set to ascii.")
(setq dun-ftptype 'ascii))
(defun dun-ftpquit (args)
(defun dun-ftpquit (_args)
(setq dun-exitf t))
(defun dun-send (args)
......@@ -2831,18 +2830,18 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
(if (not foo)
(dun-mprincl "No such file."))))))
(defun dun-ftphelp (args)
(defun dun-ftphelp (_args)
"Possible commands are:\nsend quit type ascii binary help"))
(defun dun-uexit (args)
(defun dun-uexit (_args)
(setq dungeon-mode 'dungeon)
(dun-mprincl "\nYou step back from the console.")
(define-key dun-mode-map "\r" 'dun-parse)
(if (not dun-batch-mode)
(defun dun-pwd (args)
(defun dun-pwd (_args)
(dun-mprincl dun-cdpath))
(defun dun-uncompress (args)
......@@ -3009,7 +3008,7 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
;;;; This section defines the DOS emulation functions for dunnet
(defun dun-dos-parse (args)
(defun dun-dos-parse (_args)
(interactive "*p")
(let (beg)
......@@ -3047,7 +3046,7 @@ drwxr-xr-x 3 root staff 2048 Jan 1 1970 ..")
(dun-mprincl (upcase args))))
(dun-mprincl "Must supply file name")))
(defun dun-dos-invd (args)
(defun dun-dos-invd (_args)
(sleep-for 1)
(dun-mprincl "Invalid drive specification"))
......@@ -3084,11 +3083,11 @@ File not found")))
(if (not dun-batch-mode)
(dun-mprinc "\n")))
(defun dun-dos-spawn (args)
(defun dun-dos-spawn (_args)
(sleep-for 1)
(dun-mprincl "Cannot spawn subshell"))
(defun dun-dos-exit (args)
(defun dun-dos-exit (_args)
(setq dungeon-mode 'dungeon)
(dun-mprincl "\nYou power down the machine and step back.")
(define-key dun-mode-map "\r" 'dun-parse)
......@@ -3106,7 +3105,7 @@ File not found")))
(dun-mprinc dun-combination)
(dun-mprinc ".\n"))
(defun dun-dos-nil (args))
(defun dun-dos-nil (_args))
......@@ -3203,7 +3202,7 @@ File not found")))
(defun dun-do-logfile (type how)
(let (ferror newscore)
(let (ferror)
(setq ferror nil)
(switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*score*"))
......@@ -3229,8 +3228,8 @@ File not found")))
(dun-minsert (cadr (nth (abs room) dun-rooms)))
(dun-minsert ". score: ")
(if (> (dun-endgame-score) 0)
(dun-minsert (setq newscore (+ 90 (dun-endgame-score))))
(dun-minsert (setq newscore (dun-reg-score))))
(dun-minsert (+ 90 (dun-endgame-score)))
(dun-minsert (dun-reg-score)))
(dun-minsert " saves: ")
(dun-minsert dun-numsaves)
(dun-minsert " commands: ")
......@@ -3316,7 +3315,7 @@ File not found")))
(goto-char (point-max))
(dun-mprinc "\n"))))
(defun dungeon-nil (arg)
(defun dungeon-nil (_arg)
(interactive "*p")
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