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......@@ -201,15 +201,15 @@
2001-07-16 Pavel Jan,Bm(Bk <>
* ja-dic/ja-dic.el, quail/cyril-jis.el, quail/cyrillic.el,
quail/czech.el, quail/devanagari.el, quail/ethiopic.el,
quail/greek.el, quail/hangul.el, quail/hangul3.el,
quail/hanja-jis.el, quail/hanja.el, quail/hanja3.el,
quail/hebrew.el, quail/ipa.el, quail/japanese.el, quail/lao.el,
quail/latin-alt.el, quail/latin-ltx.el, quail/latin-post.el,
quail/latin-pre.el, quail/lrt.el, quail/py-punct.el,
quail/pypunct-b5.el, quail/slovak.el, quail/symbol-ksc.el,
quail/thai.el, quail/tibetan.el, quail/viqr.el: Some fixes to
* ja-dic/ja-dic.el, quail/cyril-jis.el, quail/cyrillic.el
* quail/czech.el, quail/devanagari.el, quail/ethiopic.el
* quail/greek.el, quail/hangul.el, quail/hangul3.el
* quail/hanja-jis.el, quail/hanja.el, quail/hanja3.el
* quail/hebrew.el, quail/ipa.el, quail/japanese.el, quail/lao.el
* quail/latin-alt.el, quail/latin-ltx.el, quail/latin-post.el
* quail/latin-pre.el, quail/lrt.el, quail/py-punct.el
* quail/pypunct-b5.el, quail/slovak.el, quail/symbol-ksc.el
* quail/thai.el, quail/tibetan.el, quail/viqr.el: Some fixes to
follow coding conventions.
2001-06-04 Andrew Choi <>
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