Commit 152472ba authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(prin1-char): Catch errors from `string'.

(eval-last-sexp-print-value): Print char equivalent regardless
of standard-output value.
parent 3f71ad3a
......@@ -470,7 +470,10 @@ If CHAR is not a character, return nil."
((memq c '(?\; ?\( ?\) ?\{ ?\} ?\[ ?\] ?\" ?\' ?\\)) (string ?\\ c))
((eq c 127) "\\C-?")
(t (string c)))))))
(condition-case nil
(string c)
(error nil))))))))
(defun eval-last-sexp-1 (eval-last-sexp-arg-internal)
"Evaluate sexp before point; print value in minibuffer.
......@@ -538,9 +541,8 @@ With argument, print output into current buffer."
(prin1 value)
(if (eq standard-output t)
(let ((str (eval-expression-print-format value)))
(if str (princ str))))
(let ((str (eval-expression-print-format value)))
(if str (princ str)))
(setq end (point))
(when (and (bufferp standard-output)
(or (not (null print-length))
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