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(Compilation Mode): Add a paragraph about rules

for finding the compilation buffer for `next-error'.
parent a14cb255
......@@ -204,6 +204,14 @@ commands advance from there. When @kbd{C-x `} gets to the end of the
buffer and finds no more error messages to visit, it fails and signals
an Emacs error.
You don't have to be in the compilation buffer in order to use
@code{next-error}. If one window on the selected frame can be the
target of the @code{next-error} call, it is used. Else, if a buffer
previously had @code{next-error} called on it, it is used. Else,
if the current buffer can be the target of @code{next-error}, it is
used. Else, all the buffers Emacs manages are tried for
@code{next-error} support.
@kbd{C-u C-x `} starts scanning from the beginning of the compilation
buffer. This is one way to process the same set of errors again.
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