Commit 15688fce authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Defining Faces): Recommend against face variables.

parent 8230b7b3
2008-09-20 Glenn Morris <>
* display.texi (Defining Faces): Recommend against face variables.
2008-09-16 Juanma Barranquero <>
* display.texi (Echo Area Customization): Fix typo.
......@@ -1803,6 +1803,11 @@ kind of customization item (@pxref{Customization}) which the user can
customize using the Customization buffer (@pxref{Easy Customization,,,
emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}).
People are sometimes tempted to create variables whose values specify
which faces to use (for example, Font-Lock does this). In the vast
majority of cases, this is not necessary, and simply using faces
directly is preferable.
@defmac defface face spec doc [keyword value]@dots{}
This declares @var{face} as a customizable face that defaults
according to @var{spec}. You should not quote the symbol @var{face},
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