Commit 156fbeb7 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Add move-beginning-of-line, move-end-of-line, end-of-line,

and beginning-of-line to the list of commands after which the echo area
is updated.
parent 5cabd50e
......@@ -454,10 +454,11 @@ Emacs Lisp mode) that support Eldoc.")
;; Prime the command list.
"backward-" "beginning-of-" "delete-other-windows" "delete-window"
"end-of-" "forward-" "indent-for-tab-command" "goto-" "mouse-set-point"
"next-" "other-window" "previous-" "recenter" "scroll-"
"self-insert-command" "split-window-"
"up-list" "down-list")
"end-of-" "exchange-point-and-mark" "forward-"
"indent-for-tab-command" "goto-" "mark-page" "mark-paragraph"
"mouse-set-point" "move-" "pop-global-mark" "next-" "other-window"
"previous-" "recenter" "scroll-" "self-insert-command"
"split-window-" "up-list" "down-list")
(provide 'eldoc)
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