Commit 15773d23 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

(xim_close_dpy): Avoid double-free on X11R6 XIM.

parent 860cd236
......@@ -8319,9 +8319,11 @@ xim_close_dpy (dpyinfo)
XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback (dpyinfo->display, dpyinfo->xrdb,
xim_instantiate_callback, NULL);
#endif /* not HAVE_X11R6_XIM */
#else /* not HAVE_X11R6_XIM */
/* If we have X11R6 xim, this causes a double-free. */
if (dpyinfo->display)
XCloseIM (dpyinfo->xim);
#endif /* HAVE_X11R6_XIM */
dpyinfo->xim = NULL;
XFree (dpyinfo->xim_styles);
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