Commit 15ac32d5 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/simple.el (global-visual-line-mode): Do not duplicate the mode lighter.

Fixes: debbugs:14858
parent de8f06af
2013-07-26 Glenn Morris <>
* simple.el (global-visual-line-mode):
Do not duplicate the mode lighter. (Bug#14858)
2013-07-25 Martin Rudalics <>
* window.el (display-buffer): In display-buffer bind
......@@ -5530,8 +5530,7 @@ Mode' for details."
(visual-line-mode 1))
(define-globalized-minor-mode global-visual-line-mode
visual-line-mode turn-on-visual-line-mode
:lighter " vl")
visual-line-mode turn-on-visual-line-mode)
(defun transpose-chars (arg)
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