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Mention some ChangeLog issues.

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......@@ -278,6 +278,26 @@ Apparently it has some kind of spam filter that sometimes silently
discards valid mails. Adding a subject (pointless in control messages)
may help.
** ChangeLog issues
*** When you fix a bug, it can be helpful to put the bug number in the
ChangeLog entry, for example:
* foo.el (foofunc): Fix the `foo' case. (Bug#123)
Then the relevant bug can be found for easy reference. If it's an
obvious fix (e.g. a typo), there's no need to clutter the log with the
bug number.
Similarly, when you close a bug, it can be helpful to include the
relevant ChangeLog entry in the message to the bug tracker, so people
can see eaxctly what the fix was.
*** bug-reference-mode
Activate `bug-reference-mode' in ChangeLogs to get clickable links to
the bug web-pages.
** Gnus-specific voodoo
*** Put point on a bug-number and try: M-x gnus-read-ephemeral-emacs-bug-group
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