Commit 15e44df7 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block): Value changed.

(skkdic-lookup-key): Call encode-char instead of split-char.
parent a10201c8
......@@ -88,7 +88,8 @@
(setq heads (cdr heads)))
(defconst skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block (nth 1 (split-char ?$B$"(B)))
(defconst skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block (cons (decode-char 'unicode #x3040)
(decode-char 'unicode #x309F)))
(defun skkdic-lookup-key (seq len &optional postfix prefer-noun)
"Return a list of conversion string for sequence SEQ of length LEN.
......@@ -128,14 +129,17 @@ LEIM is available from the same ftp directory as Emacs."))
;; else VEC[N] is 128.
(while (< i len)
(let ((ch (aref seq i))
(if (= ch ?$B!<(B)
(aset vec i 0)
(setq elts (split-char ch))
(if (and (eq (car elts) 'japanese-jisx0208)
(= (nth 1 elts) skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block))
(aset vec i (- (nth 2 elts) 32))
(aset vec i 128))))
(cond ((= ch ?$B!<(B)
(aset vec i 0))
((and (>= ch (car skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block))
(<= ch (cdr skkdic-jisx0208-hiragana-block)))
(setq code (encode-char ch 'japanese-jisx0208))
(if code
(aset vec i (- (logand code #xFF) 32))
(aset vec i 128)))
(aset vec i 128))))
(setq i (1+ i)))
;; Search OKURI-NASI entries.
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