Commit 15fa1468 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fdo_auto_save): Save listdesc as an integer, only if open.

(do_auto_save_unwind): Corresponding changes.
parent cf204347
......@@ -3475,11 +3475,10 @@ auto_save_1 ()
static Lisp_Object
do_auto_save_unwind (stream) /* used as unwind-protect function */
Lisp_Object stream;
do_auto_save_unwind (desc) /* used as unwind-protect function */
Lisp_Object desc;
close (*(int *)XPNTR (stream));
xfree (XPNTR (stream));
close (XINT (desc));
return Qnil;
......@@ -3536,15 +3535,10 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
listdesc = -1;
/* We may not be able to store STREAM itself as a Lisp_Object pointer
since that is guaranteed to work only for data that has been malloc'd.
So malloc a full-size pointer, and record the address of that pointer. */
ptr = (int *) xmalloc (sizeof (int));
*ptr = listdesc;
XSET (lispstream, Lisp_Internal_Stream, (int) ptr);
record_unwind_protect (do_auto_save_unwind, lispstream);
/* Arrange to close that file whether or not we get an error. */
if (listdesc >= 0)
record_unwind_protect (do_auto_save_unwind, make_number (listdesc));
/* First, save all files which don't have handlers. If Emacs is
crashing, the handlers may tweak what is causing Emacs to crash
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