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(Defining Minor Modes): Document that a :require keyword or similar

may be required to make saved customization variables work.
parent 632a4cc7
......@@ -1387,9 +1387,18 @@ written a @code{defgroup} to define that group properly. @xref{Group
@item :global @var{global}
If non-@code{nil} specifies that the minor mode should be global. By
default, minor modes defined with @code{define-minor-mode} are
If non-@code{nil}, this specifies that the minor mode should be global
rather than buffer-local. It defaults to @code{nil}.
One of the effects of making a minor mode global is that the
@var{mode} variable becomes a customization variable; toggling it
through the Custom interface to turn the mode on and off, and its
value can be saved for future Emacs sessions (@pxref{Saving
Customizations,,, emacs, The GNU Emacs Manual}. For the saved
variable to work, you should ensure that the @code{define-minor-mode}
form is evaluated each time Emacs starts; for packages that are not
part of Emacs, the easiest way to do this is to specify a
@code{:require} keyword.
@item :init-value @var{init-value}
This is equivalent to specifying @var{init-value} positionally.
......@@ -1479,7 +1488,7 @@ See the command \\[hungry-electric-delete]."
:group 'hunger)
@end smallexample
@defmac define-global-minor-mode global-mode mode turn-on keyword-args@dots{}
@defmac define-globalized-minor-mode global-mode mode turn-on keyword-args@dots{}
This defines a global toggle named @var{global-mode} whose meaning is
to enable or disable the buffer-local minor mode @var{mode} in all
buffers. To turn on the minor mode in a buffer, it uses the function
......@@ -1491,6 +1500,12 @@ by visiting files, and buffers that use a major mode other than
Fundamental mode; but it does not detect the creation of a new buffer
in Fundamental mode.
This defines the customization option @var{global-mode} (@pxref{Customization}),
which can be toggled in the Custom interface to turn the minor mode on
and off. As with @code{define-minor-mode}, you should ensure that the
@code{define-globalized-minor-mode} form is evaluated each time Emacs
starts, for example by providing a @code{:require} keyword.
Use @code{:group @var{group}} in @var{keyword-args} to specify the
custom group for the mode variable of the global minor mode.
@end defmac
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