Commit 162f5458 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(fontset_find_font): If a font found without

restricting the characters C doen't support C, try to find a font
with C restriction.
parent cde4c3f1
......@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ fontset_find_font (fontset, c, face, id, fallback)
struct face *face;
int id, fallback;
Lisp_Object elt, vec, font_group;
Lisp_Object vec, font_group;
int i, charset_matched = -1;
? XFRAME (selected_frame) : XFRAME (FONTSET_FRAME (fontset));
......@@ -561,97 +561,110 @@ fontset_find_font (fontset, c, face, id, fallback)
/* Find the first available font in the vector of RFONT-DEF. */
for (i = 0; i < ASIZE (vec); i++)
Lisp_Object rfont_def, font_def;
Lisp_Object font_entity, font_object;
if (i == 0 && charset_matched >= 0)
/* Try the element matching with the charset ID at first. */
elt = AREF (vec, charset_matched);
rfont_def = AREF (vec, charset_matched);
charset_matched = -1;
else if (i != charset_matched)
elt = AREF (vec, i);
rfont_def = AREF (vec, i);
if (NILP (elt))
if (NILP (rfont_def))
/* This is a sign of not to try the other fonts. */
return Qt;
&& XINT (RFONT_DEF_FACE (elt)) < 0)
if (INTEGERP (RFONT_DEF_FACE (rfont_def))
&& XINT (RFONT_DEF_FACE (rfont_def)) < 0)
/* We couldn't open this font last time. */
font_object = RFONT_DEF_OBJECT (elt);
font_object = RFONT_DEF_OBJECT (rfont_def);
if (NILP (font_object))
Lisp_Object font_def = RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (elt);
font_def = RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (rfont_def);
if (! face)
/* We have not yet opened the font. */
return Qnil;
/* Find a font best-matching with the spec without checking
the support of the character C. That checking is costly,
and even without the checking, the found font supports C
in high possibility. */
font_entity = font_find_for_lface (f, face->lface,
FONT_DEF_SPEC (font_def), -1);
if (NILP (font_entity))
/* Record that no font matches the spec. */
RFONT_DEF_SET_FACE (rfont_def, -1);
font_object = font_open_for_lface (f, font_entity, face->lface,
FONT_DEF_SPEC (font_def));
if (NILP (font_object))
/* Record that the font is unsable. */
/* Something strange happened, perhaps because of a
Font-backend problem. Too avoid crashing, record
that this spec is unsable. It may be better to find
another font of the same spec, but currently we don't
have such an API. */
RFONT_DEF_SET_FACE (rfont_def, -1);
RFONT_DEF_SET_OBJECT (elt, font_object);
RFONT_DEF_SET_OBJECT (rfont_def, font_object);
if (font_has_char (f, font_object, c))
return elt;
#if 0
/* The following code makes Emacs to find a font for C by fairly
exhausitive search. But, that takes long time especially for
X font backend. */
return rfont_def;
/* Try to find the different font maching with the current spec
and support C. */
font_def = RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (elt);
/* Find a font already opened, maching with the current spec,
and supporting C. */
font_def = RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (rfont_def);
for (i++; i < ASIZE (vec); i++)
if (! EQ (RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (AREF (vec, i)), font_def))
rfont_def = AREF (vec, i);
if (! EQ (RFONT_DEF_FONT_DEF (rfont_def), font_def))
if (font_has_char (f, RFONT_DEF_OBJECT (AREF (vec, i)), c))
return AREF (vec, i);
font_object = RFONT_DEF_OBJECT (AREF (vec, i));
xassert (! NILP (font_object));
if (font_has_char (f, font_object, c))
return rfont_def;
/* Find an font-entity that support C. */
/* Find a font-entity with the current spec and supporting C. */
font_entity = font_find_for_lface (f, face->lface,
FONT_DEF_SPEC (font_def), c);
if (! NILP (font_entity))
Lisp_Object rfont_def, new_vec;
/* We found a font. Open it and insert a new element for
that font in VEC. */
Lisp_Object new_vec;
int j;
font_object = font_open_for_lface (f, font_entity, face->lface,
if (NILP (font_object))
RFONT_DEF_NEW (rfont_def, font_def);
RFONT_DEF_SET_OBJECT (rfont_def, font_object);
RFONT_DEF_SET_SCORE (rfont_def, RFONT_DEF_SCORE (rfont_def));
new_vec = Fmake_vector (make_number (ASIZE (vec) + 1), Qnil);
for (j = 0; j < i; j++)
ASET (new_vec, j, AREF (vec, j));
ASET (new_vec, j, rfont_def);
for (j++; j < ASIZE (new_vec); j++)
ASET (new_vec, j, AREF (vec, j - 1));
vec = new_vec;
XSETCDR (font_group, new_vec);
return rfont_def;
/* No font of the current spec for C. Try the next spec. */
#endif /* 0 */
FONTSET_SET (fontset, make_number (c), make_number (0));
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