Fix counting of nested self-closing JSXOpeningElements

* lisp/progmodes/js.el (js-jsx--matching-close-tag-pos): Fix bug where
self-closing JSXOpeningElements might be missed if one was nested
within another.

* test/manual/indent/jsx-self-closing.jsx: Add test for bug concerning
self-closing JSXOpeningElement counting.
parent 84b1cfbc
......@@ -1934,40 +1934,29 @@ Assuming a JSXOpeningElement or a JSXOpeningFragment is
immediately before point, find a matching JSXClosingElement or
JSXClosingFragment, skipping over any nested JSXElements to find
the match. Return nil if a match can’t be found."
(let ((tag-stack 1) self-closing-pos type)
(let ((tag-stack 1) type tag-pos last-pos pos)
(catch 'stop
(while (re-search-forward js-jsx--tag-re nil t)
(setq type (js-jsx--matched-tag-type))
;; Balance the total of self-closing tags that we subtract
;; from the stack, ignoring those tags which are never added
;; to the stack (see below).
(unless (eq type 'self-closing)
(when (and self-closing-pos (> (point) self-closing-pos))
(setq type (js-jsx--matched-tag-type)
tag-pos (match-beginning 0))
;; Clear the stack of any JSXOpeningElements which turned out
;; to be self-closing.
(when last-pos
(setq pos (point))
(goto-char last-pos)
(while (re-search-forward js-jsx--self-closing-re pos 'move)
(setq tag-stack (1- tag-stack))))
(if (eq type 'close)
(setq tag-stack (1- tag-stack))
(when (= tag-stack 0)
(throw 'stop (match-beginning 0))))
;; Tags that we know are self-closing aren’t added to the
;; stack at all, because we only close the ones that we have
;; anticipated after moving past those anticipated tags’
;; ends, and if a self-closing tag is the first tag we
;; encounter in this loop, then it will never be anticipated
;; (due to an optimization where we sometimes can avoid
;; looking for self-closing tags).
(throw 'stop tag-pos)))
;; JSXOpeningElements that we know are self-closing aren’t
;; added to the stack at all (since re-search-forward moves
;; point after their self-closing syntax).
(unless (eq type 'self-closing)
(setq tag-stack (1+ tag-stack))))
;; Don’t needlessly recalculate.
(unless (and self-closing-pos (<= (point) self-closing-pos))
(setq self-closing-pos nil) ; Reset if recalculating.
;; Anticipate a self-closing tag that we should make sure
;; to subtract from the tag stack once we move past its
;; end; we might might miss the end otherwise, due to the
;; regexp-matching method we use to detect tags.
(when (re-search-forward js-jsx--self-closing-re nil t)
(setq self-closing-pos (match-beginning 0)))))))))
(setq last-pos (point))))))
(defun js-jsx--enclosing-curly-pos ()
"Return position of enclosing “{” in a “{/}” pair about point."
// Local Variables:
// indent-tabs-mode: nil
// js-indent-level: 2
// End:
// The following test goes below any comments to avoid including
// misindented comments among the erroring lines.
// Properly parse/indent code with a self-closing tag inside the
// attribute of another self-closing tag.
<div attr={() => <div attr="" />} />
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