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......@@ -66,7 +66,17 @@ struct kboard
KBOARD *next_kboard;
/* The state of a prefix arg. */
/* The state of a prefix arg.
After pressing C-u COUNT times, prefix_factor is 4^COUNT
and prefix_value is nil.
After C-u NUM, prefix_factor is nil and prefix_value is abs(NUM).
(prefix_factor and prefix_value are never both non-nil.)
prefix_sign is always either +1 or -1; a value of -1 means that
the actual numeric argument is the negative of what's in prefix_value,
or just `-' if prefix_value is nil.
The boolean prefix_partial means that the user is in the process
of building a prefix argument, so that a minus or digit key at
this point is handled specially. */
Lisp_Object prefix_factor, prefix_value;
int prefix_sign, prefix_partial;
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