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(replace-regexp-in-string): Renamed from

replace-regexps-in-string.  Doc fix.
parent 9c763cca
......@@ -1196,8 +1196,8 @@ Unless optional argument INPLACE is non-nil, return a new string."
(aset newstr i tochar)))
(defun replace-regexps-in-string (regexp rep string &optional
fixedcase literal subexp start)
(defun replace-regexp-in-string (regexp rep string &optional
fixedcase literal subexp start)
"Replace all matches for REGEXP with REP in STRING.
Return a new string containing the replacements.
......@@ -1211,7 +1211,11 @@ function. If it is a function it is applied to each match to generate
the replacement passed to `replace-match'; the match-data at this
point are such that match 0 is the function's argument.
To replace a single match, make REGEXP match up to \\'."
To replace only the first match (if any), make REGEXP match up to \\'
and replace a sub-expression, e.g.
(replace-regexp-in-string \"\\(foo\\).*\\'\" \"bar\" \" foo foo\" nil nil 1)
=> \" bar foo\"
;; To avoid excessive consing from multiple matches in long strings,
;; don't just call `replace-match' continually. Walk down the
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