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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -1395,6 +1395,10 @@ of the recognized cursor types.
controls whether or not the function `make-auto-save-file-name' will
attempt to construct a unique auto-save name (e.g. for remote files).
** There is a new calendar package, icalendar.el, that can be used to
convert Emacs diary entries to/from the iCalendar format.
** Diary sexp entries can have custom marking in the calendar.
Diary sexp functions which only apply to certain days (such as
2004-10-05 Ulf Jasper <>
* calendar/icalendar.el: New file.
2004-10-05 Juri Linkov <>
* isearch.el (isearch-done): Set mark after running hook.
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