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......@@ -112,8 +112,17 @@
2001-11-13 Simon Josefsson <>
* mail/smtpmail.el: Cleanup previous patch. From "Stefan Monnier"
* mail/smtpmail.el (top-level): Change maintainer to Simon
Josefsson, cleanup the smtpmail.el header.
* mail/smtpmail.el (top-level): Don't require cl or base64.
(smtpmail-cred-server, smtpmail-cred-port, smtpmail-cred-key)
(smtpmail-cred-user, smtpmail-cred-cert, smtpmail-cred-passwd):
Defsubst instead of defmacro.
(smtpmail-intersection): Return value in reverse order.
(smtpmail-open-stream): Use stringp instead of string-to-list.
(smtpmail-open-stream, smtpmail-try-auth-methods): New functions,
separated from smtpmail-via-smtp.
* mail/smtpmail.el (top-level): Autoload starttls, mail-utils and
rfc2104. Require base64 and cl.
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