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Merge from gnus--devo--0

parent 3b48f0d2
2008-07-10 Katsumi Yamaoka <>
* gnus-art.el (gnus-article-save): Ignore gnus-visible-headers that is
set as a group parameter.
(gnus-summary-save-in-pipe): Work when it is called independently.
(gnus-summary-pipe-to-muttprint): Don't modify
2008-07-10 Stefan Monnier <>
* message.el (message-send-mail-with-sendmail):
......@@ -3715,7 +3715,8 @@ This format is defined by the `gnus-article-time-format' variable."
(let ((gnus-visible-headers
(or (symbol-value (get gnus-default-article-saver :headers))
gnus-saved-headers gnus-visible-headers))
(gnus-article-buffer save-buffer))
;; Ignore group parameter. See `article-hide-headers'.
(gnus-summary-buffer nil))
(with-current-buffer save-buffer
(article-hide-headers 1 t))))
......@@ -3943,8 +3944,43 @@ The directory to save in defaults to `gnus-article-save-directory'."
(put 'gnus-summary-save-in-pipe :headers 'gnus-saved-headers)
(defun gnus-summary-save-in-pipe (&optional command)
"Pipe this article to subprocess."
(let ((default (or gnus-summary-pipe-output-default-command
(let ((save-buffer gnus-save-article-buffer)
(default (or gnus-summary-pipe-output-default-command
;; `gnus-save-article-buffer' should be a buffer containing the article
;; contents if this function is called by way of the command
;; `gnus-summary-pipe-output'. OTOH, that the buffer does not exist
;; means this function is called independently.
(unless (gnus-buffer-live-p save-buffer)
(let ((article (gnus-summary-article-number))
(decode (get 'gnus-summary-save-in-pipe :decode)))
(if article
(if (vectorp (gnus-summary-article-header article))
(let ((gnus-display-mime-function
(when decode
(when decode
(gnus-summary-select-article t t nil article)
(gnus-summary-goto-subject article))
(if decode
(setq save-buffer
(nnheader-set-temp-buffer " *Gnus Save*"))))
;; Remove unwanted headers.
(let ((gnus-visible-headers
(or (symbol-value (get gnus-default-article-saver
gnus-saved-headers gnus-visible-headers))
(gnus-summary-buffer nil))
(article-hide-headers 1 t)))
(error "%d is not a real article" article))
(error "No article to pipe"))))
(unless (stringp command)
(setq command
(if (and (eq command 'default) default)
......@@ -3961,21 +3997,24 @@ The directory to save in defaults to `gnus-article-save-directory'."
(when (string-equal command "")
(if default
(setq command default)
(error "A command is required"))))
(gnus-eval-in-buffer-window gnus-save-article-buffer
(shell-command-on-region (point-min) (point-max) command nil)))
(error "A command is required")))
(gnus-eval-in-buffer-window save-buffer
(shell-command-on-region (point-min) (point-max) command nil)))
(gnus-kill-buffer save-buffer))
(setq gnus-summary-pipe-output-default-command command))
(defun gnus-summary-pipe-to-muttprint (&optional command)
"Pipe this article to muttprint."
(setq command (read-string
"Print using command: " gnus-summary-muttprint-program
nil gnus-summary-muttprint-program))
(let ((gnus-last-shell-command gnus-last-shell-command))
(gnus-summary-save-in-pipe command)
(setq gnus-summary-muttprint-program gnus-last-shell-command)))
(unless (stringp command)
(setq command (read-string
"Print using command: " gnus-summary-muttprint-program
nil gnus-summary-muttprint-program)))
(let ((gnus-summary-pipe-output-default-command
(gnus-summary-save-in-pipe command))
(setq gnus-summary-muttprint-program command))
;;; Article file names when saving.
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