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refill mode

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......@@ -392,6 +392,7 @@ Text}).
* Fill Prefix:: Filling paragraphs that are indented
or in a comment, etc.
* Adaptive Fill:: How Emacs can determine the fill prefix automatically.
* Refill:: Keeping paragraphs filled.
@end menu
@node Auto Fill
......@@ -698,6 +699,25 @@ line, and it should return the appropriate fill prefix based on that
line. If it returns @code{nil}, that means it sees no fill prefix in
that line.
@node Refill
@subsection Refill Mode
@cindex refilling text, word processor style
@cindex modes, Refill
@cindex Refill minor mode
Refill minor mode provides support for keeping paragraphs filled as you
type or modify them in other ways. It provides an effect similar to
typical word processor behaviour. This works by running a
paragraph-filling command at suitable times.
When you are typing text, only characters which normally trigger auto
filling, like the space character, will trigger refilling. This is to
avoid making it too slow. Apart from self-inserting characters, other
commands which modify the text cause refilling.
The current implementation is preliminary and probably not robust. We
expect to improve on it.
@node Case
@section Case Conversion Commands
@cindex case conversion
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