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Spelling fixes.

parent 025f2c81
......@@ -1511,11 +1511,11 @@ Respects `auth-source-save-behavior'. Uses
auth-source patterns can have values of the form :foo (\"bar\"
\"qux\"), which means to match any secret with :foo equal to
\"bar\" otr :foo equal to \"qux\". The secrets backend supports
\"bar\" or :foo equal to \"qux\". The secrets backend supports
only string values for patterns, so this routine returns a list
of patterns that is equivalent to the single original pattern
when interpreted such that if a secret matches any pattern in the
list, it mathces the original pattern."
list, it matches the original pattern."
(if (null pattern)
(let* ((key (pop pattern))
......@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ object is returned instead of a list containing this single Lisp object.
;; hurts when reading D-Bus events asynchronously.
;; Work around bug#16775 by busy-waiting with gradual backoff for
;; dbus calls to complete. A better aproach would involve either
;; dbus calls to complete. A better approach would involve either
;; adding arbitrary wait condition support to read-event or
;; restructuring dbus as a kind of process object. Poll at most
;; about once per second for completion.
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