Commit 170ddd97 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(Process Information): Note that process-status does not accept buffer

parent fe2ae8b5
......@@ -791,8 +791,8 @@ This function returns the name of @var{process}.
@defun process-status process-name
This function returns the status of @var{process-name} as a symbol.
The argument @var{process-name} must be a process, a buffer, a
process name (string) or a buffer name (string).
The argument @var{process-name} must be a process, a buffer, or a
process name (a string).
The possible values for an actual subprocess are:
......@@ -823,10 +823,6 @@ if @var{process-name} is not the name of an existing process.
(process-status "shell")
@result{} run
@end group
(process-status (get-buffer "*shell*"))
@result{} run
@end group
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