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2005-11-28 Nick Roberts <>
* xt-mouse.el (xterm-mouse-event): Set last-input-event so
that (list last-input-event) works as in interactive spec.
2005-11-27 Luc Teirlinck <>
* loadup.el ("facemenu"): Load facemenu before font-lock, because
......@@ -61,11 +66,12 @@
2005-11-28 Nick Roberts <>
* progmodes/gdb-ui.el (gdb-stopped): Detect process when attaching.
* progmodes/gdb-ui.el (gdb-stopped): Detect child process when
attaching to it.
(gdb-pre-prompt): Make sure gdb-error is reset.
* progmodes/gud.el (gud-gdb-marker-filter): When GDB is invoked
with a process, detect it.
with a child process, detect it.
(gud-speedbar-buttons): Match regexp more carefully.
2005-11-27 Richard M. Stallman <>
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