Commit 175600da authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/international/mule.el (find-auto-coding): Include file name in

obsolescence warning.

Fixes: debbugs:13922
parent 9e3edd30
2013-03-13 Stefan Monnier <>
* international/mule.el (find-auto-coding): Include file name in
obsolescence warning (bug#13922).
2013-03-12 Teodor Zlatanov <>
* progmodes/cfengine.el (cfengine-parameters-indent): New variable
......@@ -1844,8 +1844,11 @@ If nothing is specified, the return value is nil."
"\\(.*;\\)?[ \t]*unibyte:[ \t]*\\([^ ;]+\\)"
head-end t))
(display-warning 'mule "`unibyte: t' is obsolete; \
use \"coding: 'raw-text\" instead." :warning)
(display-warning 'mule
(format "\"unibyte: t\" (in %s) is obsolete; \
use \"coding: 'raw-text\" instead."
(file-relative-name filename))
(setq coding-system 'raw-text))
(when (and (not coding-system)
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