Commit 175ca1f4 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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Image consolidation:

(x_bitmap_height, x_bitmap_width, x_bitmap_pixmap)
(x_reference_bitmap, x_create_bitmap_from_data)
(x_create_bitmap_from_file, x_destroy_bitmap)
(x_create_bitmap_mask): Move prototypes from dispextern.h.
(gamma_correct) [MAC_OS]: Add prototype.
parent 6e7e181d
......@@ -2595,6 +2595,21 @@ void w32_init_fringe P_ ((void));
void w32_reset_fringes P_ ((void));
/* Defined in image.c */
extern int x_bitmap_height P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern int x_bitmap_width P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern int x_bitmap_pixmap P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern void x_reference_bitmap P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern int x_create_bitmap_from_data P_ ((struct frame *, char *,
unsigned int, unsigned int));
extern int x_create_bitmap_from_file P_ ((struct frame *, Lisp_Object));
#ifndef x_destroy_bitmap
extern void x_destroy_bitmap P_ ((struct frame *, int));
extern void x_destroy_all_bitmaps P_ ((Display_Info *));
extern int x_create_bitmap_mask P_ ((struct frame * , int));
/* Defined in sysdep.c */
void get_frame_size P_ ((int *, int *));
......@@ -2647,6 +2662,9 @@ void gamma_correct P_ ((struct frame *, XColor *));
void gamma_correct P_ ((struct frame *, COLORREF *));
#ifdef MAC_OS
void gamma_correct P_ ((struct frame *, unsigned long *));
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