Commit 1774d17e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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make-frame-visible event was misdescribed as deiconify-frame.

parent 5f48fc17
......@@ -1280,8 +1280,8 @@ the frame has already been deiconified, Emacs has no work to do.
The purpose of this event type is so that you can keep track of such
events if you want to.
@cindex @code{deiconify-frame} event
@item (deiconify-frame (@var{frame}))
@cindex @code{make-frame-visible} event
@item (make-frame-visible (@var{frame}))
This kind of event indicates that the user deiconified @var{frame} using
the window manager. Its standard definition is @code{ignore}; since the
frame has already been iconified, Emacs has no work to do.
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