Commit 177ffe92 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics
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(mouse-drag-track): Reset transient-mark-mode to nil

when handling the terminating event.
parent 236e165a
...@@ -1013,6 +1013,11 @@ should only be used by mouse-drag-region." ...@@ -1013,6 +1013,11 @@ should only be used by mouse-drag-region."
(overlay-start mouse-drag-overlay)) (overlay-start mouse-drag-overlay))
region-termination)) region-termination))
last-command this-command) last-command this-command)
(when (eq transient-mark-mode 'identity)
;; Reset `transient-mark-mode' to avoid expanding the region
;; while scrolling (compare thread on "Erroneous selection
;; extension ..." on bug-gnu-emacs from 2007-06-10).
(setq transient-mark-mode nil))
(push-mark region-commencement t t) (push-mark region-commencement t t)
(goto-char region-termination) (goto-char region-termination)
(if (not do-mouse-drag-region-post-process) (if (not do-mouse-drag-region-post-process)
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