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......@@ -1775,6 +1775,16 @@ session would be slow. If you want to include these files in state
saving, set @code{desktop-files-not-to-save} to @code{"^$"}.
@xref{Remote Files}.
@vindex save-place
@cindex Saveplace
@findex toggle-save-place
There is a simpler mechanism provided by Saveplace library which records
your position in each file when you kill its buffer (or kill Emacs), and
jumps to the same position when you visit the file again (even in
another Emacs session). Use @key{M-x toggle-save-place} to turn on
place-saving in a given file. Customize the option @code{save-place} to
turn it on for all files in each session.
@node Recursive Edit, Emulation, Saving Emacs Sessions, Top
@section Recursive Editing Levels
@cindex recursive editing level
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