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* lisp/mail/footnote.el: Add TEXT and POINTERS together

Rather than adding POINTERS and TEXT separately to footnote--markers-alist,
add them together, so we don't need footnote--first-text-marker because
the TEXT part is never nil.

(footnote--insert-numbered-footnote): Return marker.
(footnote--insert-text-marker, footnote--insert-pointer-marker):
Delete functions.
(footnote--insert-markers): New function to replace them.
(footnote--insert-footnote): Adjust accordingly.
Simplify pointless `unless`.
(footnote--first-text-marker): Remove.  Replace all calls by
(cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)) or just footnote--markers-alist.
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......@@ -457,7 +457,7 @@ footnote styles."
(let ((fn-regexp (footnote--current-regexp index-regexp)))
(pcase-dolist (`(,fn ,text . ,pointers) footnote--markers-alist)
;; Take care of the pointers first
;; Take care of the pointers first.
(dolist (locn pointers)
(goto-char locn)
;; Try to handle the case where `footnote-start-tag' and
......@@ -505,15 +505,18 @@ footnote styles."
;; Internal functions
(defun footnote--insert-numbered-footnote (arg &optional mousable)
"Insert numbered footnote at point."
"Insert numbered footnote at point.
Return a marker pointing to the beginning of the [...]."
(let ((string (concat footnote-start-tag
(footnote--index-to-string arg)
(pos (point)))
(if mousable
string 'footnote-number arg footnote-mouse-highlight t)
(propertize string 'footnote-number arg)))))
(propertize string 'footnote-number arg)))
(copy-marker pos t)))
(defun footnote--renumber (to alist-elem)
"Renumber a single footnote."
......@@ -550,33 +553,13 @@ footnote styles."
(or (re-search-backward footnote-signature-separator nil t)
(defun footnote--insert-text-marker (arg locn)
"Insert a marker pointing to footnote ARG, at buffer location LOCN."
(let ((entry (assq arg footnote--markers-alist)))
(unless (cadr entry)
(let ((marker (copy-marker locn t)))
(if entry
(setf (cadr entry) marker)
(push `(,arg ,marker) footnote--markers-alist)
(defun footnote--insert-markers (arg text ptr)
"Insert the markers of new footnote ARG."
(cl-assert (and (numberp arg) (markerp text) (markerp ptr)))
(cl-assert (not (assq arg footnote--markers-alist)))
(push `(,arg ,text ,ptr) footnote--markers-alist)
(setq footnote--markers-alist
(footnote--sort footnote--markers-alist)))))))
(defun footnote--insert-pointer-marker (arg locn)
"Insert a marker pointing to footnote ARG, at buffer location LOCN."
(let ((entry (assq arg footnote--markers-alist))
(marker (copy-marker locn t)))
(if entry
(push marker (cddr entry))
(push `(,arg nil ,marker) footnote--markers-alist)
(setq footnote--markers-alist
(footnote--sort footnote--markers-alist)))))
(defun footnote--first-text-marker ()
(let ((tmp footnote--markers-alist))
(while (and tmp (null (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist))))
;; Skip entries which don't (yet) have a TEXT marker.
(set tmp (cdr tmp)))
(cadr (car tmp))))
(footnote--sort footnote--markers-alist)))
(defun footnote--goto-first ()
"Go to beginning of footnote area and return non-nil if successful.
......@@ -586,16 +569,12 @@ Presumes we're within the footnote area already."
(concat "^" footnote-section-tag-regexp) nil t))
(let ((pos (footnote--first-text-marker)))
(when pos
(goto-char pos))))))
(goto-char (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist))))))
(defun footnote--insert-footnote (arg)
"Insert a footnote numbered ARG, at (point)."
(let ((old-point (point)))
(footnote--insert-numbered-footnote arg t)
(footnote--insert-pointer-marker arg old-point))
(let ((ptr (footnote--insert-numbered-footnote arg t)))
(if (footnote--goto-first)
......@@ -603,25 +582,24 @@ Presumes we're within the footnote area already."
(footnote-goto-footnote (1- arg)) ; evil, FIXME (less evil now)
;; (message "Inserting footnote %d" arg)
(or (eq arg 1)
(when (re-search-forward
(if footnote-spaced-footnotes
(concat "\n" (footnote--current-regexp)))
nil t)
(unless (beginning-of-line) t))
(unless (looking-at "^$")
(insert "\n"))
(when (eobp)
(insert "\n"))
(unless (string-equal footnote-section-tag "")
(insert footnote-section-tag "\n")))
(let ((old-point (point)))
(footnote--insert-numbered-footnote arg nil)
(footnote--insert-text-marker arg old-point)))
(let ((text (footnote--insert-numbered-footnote arg nil)))
(footnote--insert-markers arg text ptr))))
(defun footnote--sort (list)
(sort list #'car-less-than-car))
......@@ -671,14 +649,14 @@ With optional arg BEFORE-TAG, return position of the `footnote-section-tag'
instead, if applicable."
;; FIXME: Shouldn't we use `footnote--get-area-point-max' instead?
((not (footnote--first-text-marker)) (point-max))
((not before-tag) (footnote--first-text-marker))
((string-equal footnote-section-tag "") (footnote--first-text-marker))
((not footnote--markers-alist) (point-max))
((not before-tag) (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)))
((string-equal footnote-section-tag "") (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)))
(goto-char (footnote--first-text-marker))
(goto-char (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist)))
(if (re-search-backward (concat "^" footnote-section-tag-regexp) nil t)
(match-beginning 0)
(message "Footnote section tag not found!")
;; This `else' should never happen, and indicates an error,
;; ie. footnotes already exist and a footnote-section-tag is defined,
......@@ -696,7 +674,7 @@ instead, if applicable."
;; function, and repeat.
;; TODO: integrate sanity checks at reasonable operational points.
(defun footnote--get-area-point-max ()
"Return the end of footnote area.
......@@ -832,8 +810,8 @@ specified, jump to the text of that footnote."
((not (string-equal footnote-section-tag ""))
(re-search-backward (concat "^" footnote-section-tag-regexp))
(forward-line 1))
(goto-char (footnote--first-text-marker)))))
(goto-char (cadr (car footnote--markers-alist))))))
(error "I don't see a footnote here")))))
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