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(Window Split Tree): New section describing

new function window-split-tree function.
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......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ displayed in windows.
* Size of Window:: Accessing the size of a window.
* Resizing Windows:: Changing the size of a window.
* Coordinates and Windows:: Converting coordinates to windows.
* Window Split Tree:: The layout and sizes of all windows in a frame.
* Window Configurations:: Saving and restoring the state of the screen.
* Window Hooks:: Hooks for scrolling, window size changes,
redisplay going past a certain point,
......@@ -2167,6 +2168,32 @@ The function @code{coordinates-in-window-p} does not require a frame as
argument because it always uses the frame that @var{window} is on.
@end defun
@node Window Split Tree
@section The Window Split Tree
@cindex window split tree
A @dfn{window split tree} specifies the layout, size, and relationship
between all windows in one frame.
@defun split-window-tree &optional frame
This function returns the window split tree for frame @var{frame}.
If @var{frame} is omitted, the selected frame is used.
The return value is a list of the form @code{(@var{root} @var{mini})},
where @var{root} represents the window split tree of the frame's
root window, and @var{mini} is the frame's minibuffer window.
If the root window is not split, @var{root} is the root window itself.
Otherwise, @var{root} is a list @code{(@var{dir} @var{edges} @var{w1}
@var{w2} ...)} where @var{dir} is @code{nil} for a horisontal split,
and @code{t} for a vertical split, @var{edges} gives the combined size and
position of the subwindows in the split, and the rest of the elements
are the subwindows in the split. Each of the subwindows may again be
a window or a list representing a window split, and so on. The
@var{edges} element is a list @code{(@var{left}@var{ top}@var{ right}@var{ bottom})}
similar to the value returned by @code{window-edges}.
@end defun
@node Window Configurations
@section Window Configurations
@cindex window configurations
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