Commit 1812c724 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/ses.el: Use advice-add/remove.

(ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill, ses--advice-yank): New functions.
(copy-region-as-kill, yank): Use advice-add.
(ses-unload-function): Use advice-remove.
parent 24fc9480
2012-12-06 Stefan Monnier <>
* ses.el: Use advice-add/remove.
(ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill, ses--advice-yank): New functions.
(copy-region-as-kill, yank): Use advice-add.
(ses-unload-function): Use advice-remove.
2012-12-06 Jonas Bernoulli <>
* button.el: Make them work in header-lines (bug#12817).
......@@ -2718,8 +2718,9 @@ inserts a new row if at bottom of print area. Repeat COUNT times."
;; Cut and paste, import and export
(defadvice copy-region-as-kill (around ses-copy-region-as-kill
activate preactivate)
(defun ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill (crak-fun beg end &rest args)
;; FIXME: Why doesn't it make sense to copy read-only or
;; intangible attributes? They're removed upon yank!
"It doesn't make sense to copy read-only or intangible attributes into the
kill ring. It probably doesn't make sense to copy keymap properties.
We'll assume copying front-sticky properties doesn't make sense, either.
......@@ -2730,14 +2731,15 @@ hard to override how mouse-1 works."
(let ((temp beg))
(setq beg end
end temp)))
(if (not (and (eq major-mode 'ses-mode)
(if (not (and (derived-mode-p 'ses-mode)
(eq (get-text-property beg 'read-only) 'ses)
(eq (get-text-property (1- end) 'read-only) 'ses)))
ad-do-it ; Normal copy-region-as-kill.
(apply crak-fun beg end args) ; Normal copy-region-as-kill.
(kill-new (ses-copy-region beg end))
(if transient-mark-mode
(setq deactivate-mark t))
(advice-add 'copy-region-as-kill :around #'ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill)
(defun ses-copy-region (beg end)
"Treat the region as rectangular. Convert the intangible attributes to
......@@ -2801,7 +2803,7 @@ We clear the killed cells instead of deleting them."
(ses-clear-cell row col))
(ses-jump (car ses--curcell)))
(defadvice yank (around ses-yank activate preactivate)
(defun ses--advice-yank (yank-fun &optional arg &rest args)
"In SES mode, the yanked text is inserted as cells.
If the text contains 'ses attributes (meaning it went to the kill-ring from a
......@@ -2819,9 +2821,9 @@ When inserting formulas, the text is treated as a string constant if it doesn't
make sense as a sexp or would otherwise be considered a symbol. Use 'sym to
explicitly insert a symbol, or use the C-u prefix to treat all unmarked words
as symbols."
(if (not (and (eq major-mode 'ses-mode)
(if (not (and (derived-mode-p 'ses-mode)
(eq (get-text-property (point) 'keymap) 'ses-mode-print-map)))
ad-do-it ; Normal non-SES yank.
(apply yank-fun arg args) ; Normal non-SES yank.
(ses-check-curcell 'end)
(push-mark (point))
(let ((text (current-kill (cond
......@@ -2839,6 +2841,7 @@ as symbols."
(if (consp arg)
(advice-add 'yank :around #'ses--advice-yank)
(defun ses-yank-pop (arg)
"Replace just-yanked stretch of killed text with a different stretch.
......@@ -3586,10 +3589,9 @@ current column and continues until the next nonblank column."
(defun ses-unload-function ()
"Unload the Simple Emacs Spreadsheet."
(dolist (fun '(copy-region-as-kill yank))
(ad-remove-advice fun 'around (intern (concat "ses-" (symbol-name fun))))
(ad-update fun))
;; continue standard unloading
(advice-remove 'yank #'ses--advice-yank)
(advice-remove 'copy-region-as-kill #'ses--advice-copy-region-as-kill)
;; Continue standard unloading.
(provide 'ses)
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