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......@@ -3,13 +3,9 @@
;; ========== Introduction ==========
;; Citation and attribution package for various GNU emacs news and
;; electronic mail reading subsystems. This version of supercite will
;; interface to VM 4.40+ and MH-E 3.7 (shipped w/ emacs 18.57) as is.
;; It will also interface with GNUS 3.12+, RMAIL 18.55+, GNEWS, and
;; probably most other news/mail subsystems by using the overloading
;; functions provided in sc-oloads.el (see that file or the README for
;; more information on interfacing supercite with your reader subsystem).
;; This version should now be compatible with Lucid Emacs 19.x emacses.
;; electronic mail reading subsystems. This version of supercite should
;; work with Rmail and GNUS as found in Emacs 19. It may also work with
;; VM 4.40+ and MH-E 3.7.
;; This package does not do any yanking of messages, but instead
;; massages raw reply buffers set up by the reply/forward functions in
......@@ -84,15 +80,6 @@
;; replies that personalized flair, but the instructions in this
;; section should be sufficient for getting started.
;; With this release of supercite overloading is the only supported
;; way to get supercite hooked into your favorite news/mail reading
;; subsystems. Overloading will be necessary for RMAIL, GNUS, GNEWS,
;; RNEWS and PCMAIL. Overloading will not be needed for VM 4.37+ or
;; MH-E 3.7+. MH-E comes with emacs 18.57 but if you have an earlier
;; version of emacs, you should be able to ftp MH-E 3.7 separately. Or
;; you can extract the MH-E overloading stuff from version 2.1's
;; sc-oloads.el.
;; First, to connect supercite to any mail/news reading subsystem, put
;; this in your .emacs file:
......@@ -105,15 +92,6 @@
;; (autoload 'sc-cite-original "sc" "Supercite 2.3" t)
;; Then, if you need to overload, put the following in your .emacs file:
;; (defun my-sc-overload-hook ()
;; (require 'sc-oloads) ; be sure this file is on your load-path
;; (sc-overload-functions))
;; (setq news-reply-mode-hook 'my-sc-overload-hook) ; for RNEWS,GNUS,GNEWS
;; (setq mail-setup-hook 'my-sc-overload-hook) ; for RMAIL, PCMAIL
;; Finally, if you want to customize supercite, you should do it in a
;; function called my-supercite-hook and:
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