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New yank-handler property.

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......@@ -1459,13 +1459,65 @@ The new function `remove-list-of-text-properties' is almost the same
as `remove-text-properties'. The only difference is that it takes
a list of property names as argument rather than a property list.
** New functions insert-for-yank and insert-buffer-substring-as-yank.
** New function insert-for-yank.
These functions work like `insert' and `insert-buffer-substring', but
removes the text properties in the `yank-excluded-properties' list.
This function normally works like `insert' but removes the text
properties in the `yank-excluded-properties' list. However, if the
inserted text has a `yank-handler' text property on the first
character of the string, the insertion of the text may be modified in
a number of ways. See the description of `yank-handler' below.
** New function insert-buffer-substring-as-yank.
This function works like `insert-buffer-substring', but removes the
text properties in the `yank-excluded-properties' list.
** New function insert-buffer-substring-no-properties.
This function is like insert-buffer-substring, but removes all
text properties from the inserted substring.
** New `yank-handler' text property may be used to control how
previously killed text on the kill-ring is reinserted.
The value of the yank-handler property must be a list with one to five
elements with the following format:
The `insert-for-yank' function looks for a yank-handler property on
the first character on its string argument (typically the first
element on the kill-ring). If a yank-handler property is found,
the normal behaviour of `insert-for-yank' is modified in various ways:
When FUNCTION is present and non-nil, it is called instead of `insert'
to insert the string. FUNCTION takes one argument--the object to insert.
If PARAM is present and non-nil, it replaces STRING as the object
passed to FUNCTION (or `insert'); for example, if FUNCTION is
`yank-rectangle', PARAM should be a list of strings to insert as a
If NOEXCLUDE is present and non-nil, the normal removal of the
yank-excluded-properties is not performed; instead FUNCTION is
responsible for removing those properties. This may be necessary
if FUNCTION adjusts point before or after inserting the object.
If UNDO is present and non-nil, it is a function that will be called
by `yank-pop' to undo the insertion of the current object. It is
called with two arguments, the start and end of the current region.
FUNCTION may set `yank-undo-function' to override the UNDO value.
If COMMAND is present and non-nil, `this-command' is set to COMMAND
after calling FUNCTION (or insert). Note that setting `this-command'
to a value different from `yank' will prevent `yank-pop' from undoing
this yank.
*** The functions kill-new, kill-append, and kill-region now has an
optional third argument to specify the yank-handler text property
to put on the killed text.
*** The function yank-pop will now use a non-nil value of the variable
`yank-undo-function' (instead of delete-region) to undo the previous
yank or yank-pop command (or a call to insert-for-yank). The function
insert-for-yank automatically sets that variable according to the UNDO
element of the string argument's yank-handler text property if present.
** New function display-supports-face-attributes-p may be used to test
whether a given set of face attributes is actually displayable.
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