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(compute_motion): Doc fixes.

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......@@ -401,6 +401,11 @@ struct position val_compute_motion;
and vpos give its cartesian location. I'm not clear on what the
other members are.
Note that FROMHPOS and TOHPOS should be expressed in real screen
columns, taking HSCROLL and the truncation glyph at the left margin
into account. That is, beginning-of-line moves you to the hpos
For example, to find the buffer position of column COL of line LINE
of a certain window, pass the window's starting location as FROM
and the window's upper-left coordinates as FROMVPOS and FROMHPOS.
......@@ -422,12 +427,12 @@ struct position val_compute_motion;
and frame_width = FRAME_WIDTH (XFRAME (window->frame))
window_internal_width (w) - 1
Or you can let window_internal_width do this all for you, and write:
window_internal_width (w) - 1
The `-1' accounts for the continuation-line backslashes; the rest
accounts for window borders if the window is split horizontally, and
the scroll bars if the frame supports them. */
the scroll bars if they are turned on. */
struct position *
compute_motion (from, fromvpos, fromhpos, to, tovpos, tohpos, width, hscroll, tab_offset)
......@@ -537,7 +542,7 @@ compute_motion (from, fromvpos, fromhpos, to, tovpos, tohpos, width, hscroll, ta
hpos = 0;
hpos -= hscroll;
if (hscroll > 0) hpos++; /* Count the $ on column 0 */
if (hscroll > 0) hpos++; /* Truncation glyph on column 0 */
tab_offset = 0;
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