Commit 1833b7b3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(custom-buffer-create-internal): Improve progress msgs.

(custom-magic-alist): Change the status descriptions again.
(face widget-type): Total rewrite based on `restricted-sexp'
to eliminate the confusing double hiding levels.
parent e29824bd
......@@ -1367,7 +1367,6 @@ Otherwise use brackets."
:group 'custom-buffer)
(defun custom-buffer-create-internal (options &optional description)
(message "Creating customization buffer...")
(if custom-buffer-verbose-help
......@@ -1387,7 +1386,6 @@ Invoke " (if custom-raised-buttons
:help-echo "Read the online help."
"(emacs)Easy Customization")
(widget-insert " for more information.\n\n")
(message "Creating customization buttons...")
(widget-insert "Operate on everything in this buffer:\n "))
(widget-insert " "))
(widget-create 'push-button
......@@ -1478,13 +1476,15 @@ Un-customize all values in this buffer. They get their standard settings."
(unless (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)
(widget-insert "\n"))
(message "Creating customization items ...done")
(message "Resetting customization items...")
(unless (eq custom-buffer-style 'tree)
(mapc 'custom-magic-reset custom-options))
(message "Resetting customization items...done")
(message "Creating customization setup...")
(goto-char (point-min))
(message "Creating customization buffer...done"))
(message "Creating customization setup...done"))
;;; The Tree Browser.
......@@ -1675,15 +1675,15 @@ group now hidden, invoke \"Show\", above, to show contents.")
the value displayed for this %c is invalid and cannot be set.")
(modified "*" custom-modified-face "\
you have edited the value as text, but you have not set the %c." "\
you have edited something in this group, but not set anything yet.")
something in this group has been edited but not set.")
(set "+" custom-set-face "\
you have set this %c, but not saved it for future sessions." "\
you have set something in this group, but not saved anything yet.")
something in this group has been set but not saved.")
(changed ":" custom-changed-face "\
this %c has been changed outside the customize buffer." "\
something in this group has been changed outside customize.")
(saved "!" custom-saved-face "\
You have set this %c and saved it through Customize in your init file." "\
You've set this %c and Customize saved it in your init file." "\
something in this group has been set and saved.")
(rogue "@" custom-rogue-face "\
this %c has not been changed with customize." "\
......@@ -3285,54 +3285,69 @@ restoring it to the state of a face that has never been customized."
;;; The `face' Widget.
(define-widget 'face 'default
"Select and customize a face."
:convert-widget 'widget-value-convert-widget
:button-prefix 'widget-push-button-prefix
:button-suffix 'widget-push-button-suffix
:format "%{%t%}: %[select face%] %v"
:tag "Face"
:value 'default
(defvar widget-face-prompt-value-history nil
"History of input to `widget-face-prompt-value'.")
(define-widget 'face 'restricted-sexp
"A Lisp face name."
:complete-function (lambda ()
(lisp-complete-symbol 'facep))
:prompt-value 'widget-field-prompt-value
:prompt-internal 'widget-symbol-prompt-internal
:prompt-match 'facep
:prompt-history 'widget-face-prompt-value-history
:value-create 'widget-face-value-create
:value-delete 'widget-face-value-delete
:value-get 'widget-value-value-get
:validate 'widget-children-validate
:action 'widget-face-action
:match (lambda (widget value) (symbolp value)))
:action 'widget-field-action
:match-alternatives '(facep)
:validate (lambda (widget)
(unless (facep (widget-value widget))
(widget-put widget :error (format "Invalid face: %S"
(widget-value widget)))
:value 'ignore
:tag "Function")
;;; There is a bug here: the sample doesn't get redisplayed
;;; in the new font when you specify one. Does anyone know how to
;;; make that work? -- rms.
(defun widget-face-value-create (widget)
"Create a `custom-face' child."
(let* ((symbol (widget-value widget))
(custom-buffer-style 'face)
(child (widget-create-child-and-convert
widget 'custom-face
:custom-level nil
:value symbol)))
(custom-magic-reset child)
(setq custom-options (cons child custom-options))
(widget-put widget :children (list child))))
(defun widget-face-value-delete (widget)
"Remove the child from the options."
(let ((child (car (widget-get widget :children))))
(setq custom-options (delq child custom-options))
(widget-children-value-delete widget)))
(defvar face-history nil
"History of entered face names.")
(defun widget-face-action (widget &optional event)
"Prompt for a face."
(let ((answer (completing-read "Face: "
(mapcar (lambda (face)
(list (symbol-name face)))
nil nil nil
(unless (zerop (length answer))
(widget-value-set widget (intern answer))
(widget-apply widget :notify widget event)
"Create an editable face name field."
(let ((buttons (widget-get widget :buttons))
(symbol (widget-get widget :value)))
;; Sample.
(push (widget-create-child-and-convert widget 'item
:format "(%{%t%})"
:sample-face symbol
:tag "sample")
(insert " ")
;; Update buttons.
(widget-put widget :buttons buttons))
(let ((size (widget-get widget :size))
(value (widget-get widget :value))
(from (point))
;; This is changed to a real overlay in `widget-setup'. We
;; need the end points to behave differently until
;; `widget-setup' is called.
(overlay (cons (make-marker) (make-marker))))
(widget-put widget :field-overlay overlay)
(insert value)
(and size
(< (length value) size)
(insert-char ?\ (- size (length value))))
(unless (memq widget widget-field-list)
(setq widget-field-new (cons widget widget-field-new)))
(move-marker (cdr overlay) (point))
(set-marker-insertion-type (cdr overlay) nil)
(when (null size)
(insert ?\n))
(move-marker (car overlay) from)
(set-marker-insertion-type (car overlay) t)))
;;; The `hook' Widget.
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