Commit 18432d81 authored by Robert J. Chassell's avatar Robert J. Chassell

Put @w{...} around an expression with a poor printed copy page break.

Edit lambda-*.eps image files so arrows line up properly.
parent 121f67fa
......@@ -9853,7 +9853,7 @@ the value of @code{count} is equal to or is greater than the
@code{desired-number}. The expression that increments the count can be
a simple @code{setq} such as @code{(setq count (1+ count))}, where
@code{1+} is a built-in function in Emacs Lisp that adds 1 to its
argument. (The expression @code{(1+ count)} has the same result as
argument. (The expression @w{@code{(1+ count)}} has the same result as
@code{(+ count 1)}, but is easier for a human to read.)
@need 1250
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