Commit 1888c6cb authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Doc string fix for message-mailto

* lisp/gnus/message.el (message-mailto): Doc string fix.
parent 5732d8ee
......@@ -8810,9 +8810,9 @@ used to take the screenshot."
(defun message-mailto ()
"Function to be run to parse command line mailto: links.
"Command to parse command line mailto: links.
This is meant to be used for MIME handlers: Setting the handler
for \"x-scheme-handler/mailto;\" to \"emacs -fn message-mailto %u\"
for \"x-scheme-handler/mailto;\" to \"emacs -f message-mailto %u\"
will then start up Emacs ready to compose mail."
;; <a href="">Send email</a>
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