Commit 188f657a authored by Tassilo Horn's avatar Tassilo Horn

Fix false negatives in tex--prettify-symbols-compose-p.

* lisp/textmodes/tex-mode.el (tex--prettify-symbols-compose-p): Fix some
false negatives.
parent b1dfa84a
......@@ -3409,16 +3409,20 @@ There might be text before point."
(defun tex--prettify-symbols-compose-p (start end _match)
(let* ((after-char (char-after end))
(after-syntax (char-syntax after-char)))
(after-syntax (char-syntax after-char)))
(not (or
;; Don't compose \alpha@foo.
(eq after-syntax ?_)
;; Don't compose inside verbatim blocks!
(nth 8 (syntax-ppss))
;; The \alpha in \alpha2 may be composed but of course \alphax may not.
(eq after-char ?@)
;; The \alpha in \alpha2 or \alpha-\beta may be composed but
;; of course \alphax may not.
(and (eq after-syntax ?w)
(or (< after-char ?0)
(> after-char ?9)))))))
(not (memq after-char
'(?0 ?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5 ?6 ?7 ?8 ?9 ?+ ?- ?' ?\"))))
;; Don't compose inside verbatim blocks.
(let* ((face (get-text-property end 'face))
(faces (if (consp face) face (list face))))
(or (memq 'tex-verbatim faces)
(memq 'font-latex-verbatim-face faces)))))))
(run-hooks 'tex-mode-load-hook)
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