Commit 18942259 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/ (SUBDIRS): Rename from SUBDIRS_ABS.

parent 1805ce76
......@@ -120,16 +120,18 @@ unexport EMACSDATA EMACSDOC EMACSPATH
# Prevent any setting of EMACSLOADPATH in user environment causing problems.
SUBDIRS_REL = $(sort $(shell cd ${srcdir} && find . -type d -print))
SUBDIRS_ABS = $(sort $(shell find ${srcdir} -type d -print))
## Subdirectories, relative to builddir.
SUBDIRS = $(sort $(shell find ${srcdir} -type d -print))
## Subdirectories, relative to srcdir.
SUBDIRS_REL = $(patsubst ${srcdir}%,.%,${SUBDIRS})
## All subdirectories except 'obsolete' and 'term'.
SUBDIRS_ALMOST = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/obsolete ${srcdir}/term,${SUBDIRS_ABS})
SUBDIRS_ALMOST = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/obsolete ${srcdir}/term,${SUBDIRS})
## All subdirectories except 'obsolete', 'term', and 'leim' (and subdirs).
## We don't want the leim files listed as packages, especially
## since many share basenames with files in language/.
SUBDIRS_FINDER = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/leim%,${SUBDIRS_ALMOST})
## All subdirectories in which we might want to create subdirs.el.
SUBDIRS_SUBDIRS = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/cedet% ${srcdir}/leim%,${SUBDIRS_ABS})
SUBDIRS_SUBDIRS = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/cedet% ${srcdir}/leim%,${SUBDIRS})
# cus-load and finder-inf are not explicitly requested by anything, so
# we add them here to make sure they get built.
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