Commit 18b23594 authored by Olaf Rogalsky's avatar Olaf Rogalsky Committed by Stefan Monnier

* src/keyboard.c: Make xterm-mouse clicks on mode-line work

(read_key_sequence): Recompute first_event
after replay_sequence, since it might have changed (bug#29104).
parent 6e6bf60e
......@@ -8916,7 +8916,6 @@ read_key_sequence (Lisp_Object *keybuf, int bufsize, Lisp_Object prompt,
ptrdiff_t keys_start;
Lisp_Object current_binding = Qnil;
Lisp_Object first_event = Qnil;
/* Index of the first key that has no binding.
It is useless to try fkey.start larger than that. */
......@@ -9026,6 +9025,7 @@ read_key_sequence (Lisp_Object *keybuf, int bufsize, Lisp_Object prompt,
starting_buffer = current_buffer;
first_unbound = bufsize + 1;
Lisp_Object first_event = mock_input > 0 ? keybuf[0] : Qnil;
/* Build our list of keymaps.
If we recognize a function key and replace its escape sequence in
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