Commit 18d412a5 authored by Po Lu's avatar Po Lu
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Fix non-system-malloc build

* src/xterm.c (x_gc_free_ext_data_private): New function.
(x_gc_get_ext_data): Set it as the private data free function.
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......@@ -4888,6 +4888,14 @@ x_update_opaque_region (struct frame *f, XEvent *configure)
#if defined USE_CAIRO || defined HAVE_XRENDER
static int
x_gc_free_ext_data_private (XExtData *extension)
xfree (extension->private_data);
return 0;
static struct x_gc_ext_data *
x_gc_get_ext_data (struct frame *f, GC gc, int create_if_not_found_p)
......@@ -4907,6 +4915,7 @@ x_gc_get_ext_data (struct frame *f, GC gc, int create_if_not_found_p)
ext_data = xzalloc (sizeof (*ext_data));
ext_data->number = dpyinfo->ext_codes->extension;
ext_data->private_data = xzalloc (sizeof (struct x_gc_ext_data));
ext_data->free_private = x_gc_free_ext_data_private;
XAddToExtensionList (head, ext_data);
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