Commit 18d51459 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(whitespace-version): Update version to 2.4

Add customization variables to conditionally test
any of the five whitespaces.

(whitespace-spacetab-regexp): Fix doc string.

(whitespace-modes): Add `change-log-mode' to the
list of modes to be checked for bogus whitespaces.

(whitespace-rescan-timer-time): Update documentation.

new function to update modeline with untested whitespaces.

(whitespace-buffer): Test only whitespaces whose
checking is turned on, and update modeline using the newly created

(whitespace-cleanup): Cleanup only whitespaces
whose checking is turned on, and update modeline using the newly
created `whitespace-display-unchecked-whitespaces'.

(whitespace-describe): Update documentation.

(whitespace-tickle-timer): Test if `whitespace-rescan-timer-time' is
non-zero before tickling timer.
parent 2e0a943f
......@@ -77,16 +77,41 @@ visited by the buffers.")
;; which is 'editing?
:group (if whitespace-running-emacs 'convenience 'editing))
(defcustom whitespace-check-leading-whitespace t
"Flag to check leading whitespace."
:type 'boolean
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-check-trailing-whitespace t
"Flag to check trailing whitespace."
:type 'boolean
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-check-spacetab-whitespace t
"Flag to check space followed by a TAB."
:type 'boolean
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-spacetab-regexp " \t"
"Regexp to match a TAB followed by a space."
"Regexp to match a space followed by a TAB."
:type 'string
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-check-indent-whitespace t
"Flag to check indentation whitespace."
:type 'boolean
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-indent-regexp (concat "^\\(\t*\\) " " ")
"Regexp to match (any TABS followed by) 8/more whitespaces at start of line."
:type 'string
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-check-ateol-whitespace t
"Flag to check end-of-line whitespace."
:type 'boolean
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-ateol-regexp "[ \t]$"
"Regexp to match a TAB or a space at the EOL."
:type 'string
......@@ -112,7 +137,8 @@ Errors*' buffer before opening (or closing) another file."
:group 'whitespace)
(defcustom whitespace-modes '(ada-mode asm-mode autoconf-mode awk-mode
c-mode c++-mode cc-mode cperl-mode
c-mode c++-mode cc-mode
change-log-mode cperl-mode
electric-nroff-mode emacs-lisp-mode
f90-mode fortran-mode html-mode
html3-mode java-mode jde-mode
......@@ -121,9 +147,9 @@ Errors*' buffer before opening (or closing) another file."
modula-2-mode nroff-mode objc-mode
pascal-mode perl-mode prolog-mode
python-mode scheme-mode sgml-mode
sh-mode shell-script-mode
simula-mode tcl-mode tex-mode
texinfo-mode vrml-mode xml-mode)
sh-mode shell-script-mode simula-mode
tcl-mode tex-mode texinfo-mode
vrml-mode xml-mode)
"Major Modes in which we turn on whitespace checking.
......@@ -142,7 +168,9 @@ Or, alternately, you can use the Emacs `customize' command to set this."
This is the period after which the timer will fire causing
`whitespace-rescan-files-in-buffers' to check for whitespace creep in
modified buffers."
modified buffers.
To disable timer scans, set this to zero."
:type 'integer
:group 'whitespace)
......@@ -191,14 +219,24 @@ and:
(if (and (not quiet) buffer-read-only)
(message "Can't Cleanup: %s is read-only." (buffer-name))
(let ((whitespace-leading (whitespace-buffer-leading))
(whitespace-trailing (whitespace-buffer-trailing))
(whitespace-indent (whitespace-buffer-search
(whitespace-spacetab (whitespace-buffer-search
(whitespace-ateol (whitespace-buffer-search
(let ((whitespace-leading (if whitespace-check-leading-whitespace
(whitespace-trailing (if whitespace-check-trailing-whitespace
(whitespace-indent (if whitespace-check-indent-whitespace
(whitespace-spacetab (if whitespace-check-spacetab-whitespace
(whitespace-ateol (if whitespace-check-ateol-whitespace
(whitespace-errmsg nil)
(whitespace-error nil)
(whitespace-filename buffer-file-name)
......@@ -236,6 +274,11 @@ and:
(setq whitespace-mode-line
(concat " W:" whitespace-this-modeline))
;; Now test and set the whitespaces that are not checked.
(if whitespace-error
(concat " W:" whitespace-this-modeline)))
(get-buffer-create whitespace-errbuf)
(kill-buffer whitespace-errbuf)
......@@ -280,37 +323,44 @@ whitespace problems."
;; they are displayed.
(setq tab-width whitespace-tabwith)
(if (whitespace-buffer-leading)
(if (and whitespace-check-leading-whitespace
(setq whitespace-any t)))
(if (whitespace-buffer-trailing)
(if (and whitespace-check-trailing-whitespace
(setq whitespace-any t)))
(if (whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-indent-regexp)
(if (and whitespace-check-indent-whitespace
(whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-indent-regexp))
(setq whitespace-any t)))
(if (whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-spacetab-regexp)
(if (and whitespace-check-spacetab-whitespace
(whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-spacetab-regexp))
(whitespace-buffer-cleanup whitespace-spacetab-regexp "\t")
(setq whitespace-any t)))
(if (whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-ateol-regexp)
(if (and whitespace-check-ateol-whitespace
(whitespace-buffer-search whitespace-ateol-regexp))
(whitespace-buffer-cleanup whitespace-ateol-regexp "")
(setq whitespace-any t)))
;; Call this recursively till everything is taken care of
(if whitespace-any (whitespace-cleanup)
(if whitespace-any
(message "%s clean" buffer-file-name)
(setq whitespace-mode-line nil)
(setq tab-width whitespace-tabwith-saved))))
......@@ -427,6 +477,20 @@ whitespace problems."
(delete-region (match-beginning 0) (point))
(indent-to column)))))
(defun whitespace-display-unchecked-whitespaces (&optional whitespace-str)
"Update modeline with whitespaces whose testing has been turned off."
(let ((whitespace-this-modeline
(concat (if (not whitespace-check-ateol-whitespace) "e")
(if (not whitespace-check-indent-whitespace) "i")
(if (not whitespace-check-leading-whitespace) "l")
(if (not whitespace-check-spacetab-whitespace) "s")
(if (not whitespace-check-trailing-whitespace) "t"))))
(setq whitespace-mode-line whitespace-str)
(if (not (equal whitespace-this-modeline ""))
(setq whitespace-mode-line
(concat whitespace-str " Woff:" whitespace-this-modeline)))
;; Force mode line updation for different Emacs versions
(defun whitespace-force-mode-line-update ()
"Force the mode line update for different flavors of Emacs."
......@@ -449,7 +513,7 @@ periodically for whitespace."
If timer is not set, then set it to scan the files in
`whitespace-all-buffer-files' periodically (defined by
`whitespace-rescan-timer-time') for whitespace creep."
(if (not whitespace-rescan-timer)
(if (and whitespace-rescan-timer-time (not whitespace-rescan-timer))
(setq whitespace-rescan-timer
(if whitespace-running-emacs
(run-at-time nil whitespace-rescan-timer-time
......@@ -532,6 +596,9 @@ l - Leading whitespace.
s - Space followed by Tab.
t - Trailing whitespace.
If any of the whitespace checks is turned off, the modeline will display a
Woff:<x>, where `x' can be one (or more) of the above.
(since (3) is the most controversial one, here is the rationale: Most
terminal drivers and printer drivers have TAB configured or even
hardcoded to be 8 spaces. (Some of them allow configuration, but almost
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