Commit 19608e42 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

*** empty log message ***

parent d73bbb35
2007-04-14 Glenn Morris <>
* SERVICE: Replace with a pointer to the web version.
* emacs.1: Update some of the more obsolete information.
2007-04-13 Glenn Morris <>
2007-04-14 Glenn Morris <>
* complete.el (PC-goto-end): New variable.
(partial-completion-mode) <choose-completion-string-functions>:
Do not go to the end of the minibuffer if PC-goto-end is non-nil.
(PC-do-completion): New optional fourth argument GOTO-END. Add a
doc string. Set PC-goto-end for choose-completion.
(PC-lisp-complete-symbol): Pass non-nil GOTO-END arg to
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-insert-kill): Pass non-nil NODELIM
arg to bibtex-make-field.
(bibtex-make-field): Add optional fourth arg NODELIM. Insert
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