Commit 1965cb73 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love

(Qmac): Remove (duplicated) definition.

parent da7db224
......@@ -303,7 +303,8 @@ encode_coding_XXX (coding)
Lisp_Object Vcoding_system_hash_table;
Lisp_Object Qcoding_system, Qcoding_aliases, Qeol_type;
Lisp_Object Qunix, Qdos, Qmac;
Lisp_Object Qunix, Qdos;
extern Lisp_Object Qmac; /* frame.c */
Lisp_Object Qbuffer_file_coding_system;
Lisp_Object Qpost_read_conversion, Qpre_write_conversion;
Lisp_Object Qdefault_char;
......@@ -7931,7 +7932,6 @@ syms_of_coding ()
DEFSYM (Qeol_type, "eol-type");
DEFSYM (Qunix, "unix");
DEFSYM (Qdos, "dos");
DEFSYM (Qmac, "mac");
DEFSYM (Qbuffer_file_coding_system, "buffer-file-coding-system");
DEFSYM (Qpost_read_conversion, "post-read-conversion");
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