Commit 1966aa84 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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New entry.

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2008-01-22 Juanma Barranquero <>
* DEVEL.HUMOR: New entry.
2008-01-18 Carsten Dominik <>
* refcards/orgcard.tex: Update to Org-mode version 5.19.
......@@ -34,7 +38,7 @@
* images/icons/emacs_16.png, images/icons/emacs_24.png
* images/icons/emacs_32.png, images/icons/emacs_48.png: Rename to
hicolor/16x16/apps/emacs.png hicolor/24x24/apps/emacs.png
hicolor/16x16/apps/emacs.png, hicolor/24x24/apps/emacs.png,
hicolor/32x32/apps/emacs.png and hicolor/48x48/apps/emacs.png.
* images/icons/README (Author): Update for renaming.
......@@ -184,3 +184,13 @@ constants with anything like the universality of e and pi."
"[...] So please do not delete anything."
-- RMS and David Kastrup
"I guess that can work in some circumstances, but it bypasses the
printer drivers. Couldn't that lead to problems for the printer
"Current research is that software does not suffer feelings of
depression or loneliness when it is left out or the picture, so I
wouldn't worry about it too much."
-- Lennart Borgman and Jason Rumney
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