Commit 196da301 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Minor fix in tramp-test32-shell-command

* test/lisp/net/tramp-tests.el (tramp-test32-shell-command):
Set `default-directory'.
parent 6b006006
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in 70 minutes and 7 seconds
......@@ -4541,6 +4541,7 @@ INPUT, if non-nil, is a string sent to the process."
;; but seems to work since Emacs 27.1 only.
(when (and (tramp--test-sh-p) (tramp--test-emacs27-p))
(let* ((async-shell-command-width 1024)
(default-directory tramp-test-temporary-file-directory)
(cols (ignore-errors
(read (tramp--test-shell-command-to-string-asynchronously
"tput cols")))))
......@@ -5844,7 +5845,7 @@ Use the `ls' command."
;; Since Emacs 27.1.
(skip-unless (fboundp 'file-system-info))
;; `file-system-info' exists since Emacs 27. We don't want to see
;; `file-system-info' exists since Emacs 27.1. We don't want to see
;; compiler warnings for older Emacsen.
(let ((fsi (with-no-warnings
(file-system-info tramp-test-temporary-file-directory))))
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