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* doc/emacs/ack.texi (Acknowledgments): More updates.

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2012-02-20 Glenn Morris <>
* ack.texi (Acknowledgments): More updates.
* emacs.texi (Acknowledgments): Add several names from ack.texi.
2012-02-18 Glenn Morris <>
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ default value when appropriate; @file{rfn-eshadow.el}, shadowing of
@code{read-file-name} input; @file{mb-depth.el}, display of minibuffer
depth; @file{button.el}, the library that implements clickable buttons;
@file{face-remap.el}, a package for changing the default face in
individual buffers; and @file{macroexp.el} for macro-expansion.
individual buffers; and @file{macroexp.el} for macro-expansion. He
also worked on an early version of the lexical-binding code.
David Bakhash wrote @file{strokes.el}, a mode for controlling Emacs by
......@@ -185,7 +186,8 @@ for editing IDL and WAVE CL.
Bob Chassell wrote @file{texnfo-upd.el}, @file{texinfo.el}, and
@file{makeinfo.el}, modes and utilities for working with Texinfo files;
and @file{page-ext.el}, commands for extended page handling.
and @file{page-ext.el}, commands for extended page handling. He also
wrote the ``Introduction to programming in Emacs Lisp'' manual.
Jihyun Cho wrote @file{hanja-util.el} and @file{hangul.el}, utilities
......@@ -198,7 +200,8 @@ prior to Emacs 23 for Mac OS.
Chong Yidong was the Emacs co-maintainer from Emacs 23 onwards. He made many
improvements to the Emacs display engine. He also wrote
@file{tabulated-list.el}, a generic major mode for lists of data.
@file{tabulated-list.el}, a generic major mode for lists of data;
and improved support for themes and packages.
James Clark wrote SGML mode, a mode for editing SGML documents; and
......@@ -502,7 +505,8 @@ Emacs: @file{dns.el} for Domain Name Service lookups;
@file{netrc.el} for parsing of @file{.netrc} files; and
@file{time-date.el} for general date and time handling.
He also wrote @file{network-stream.el}, for opening network processes;
and @file{url-queue.el}, for controlling parallel downloads of URLs.
@file{url-queue.el}, for controlling parallel downloads of URLs;
and implemented libxml2 support.
Components of Gnus have also been written by: Nagy Andras, David
Blacka, Scott Byer, Ludovic Courtès, Julien Danjou, Kevin Greiner, Kai
Großjohann, Joe Hildebrand, Paul Jarc, Simon Josefsson, Sascha
......@@ -831,7 +835,8 @@ conflicts; @file{diff-mode.el}, a mode for viewing and editing context
diffs; @file{css-mode.el} for Cascading Style Sheets;
@file{bibtex-style.el} for BibTeX Style files; @file{mpc.el}, a
client for the ``Music Player Daemon''; and @file{pcase.el},
implementing ML-style pattern matching.
implementing ML-style pattern matching. He integrated the
lexical-binding code in Emacs 24.
Morioka Tomohiko wrote several packages for MIME support in Gnus and
......@@ -1040,6 +1045,9 @@ Markus Rost wrote @file{cus-test.el}, a testing framework for customize.
Guillermo J.@: Rozas wrote @file{scheme.el}, a mode for editing Scheme and
DSSSL code.
Martin Rudalics implemented improved display-buffer handling in Emacs 24.
Ivar Rummelhoff wrote @file{winner.el}, which records recent window
configurations so you can move back to them.
......@@ -1278,6 +1286,9 @@ Didier Verna wrote @file{rect.el}, a package of functions for
operations on rectangle regions of text. He also contributed to Gnus
Joakim Verona implemented ImageMagick support.
Ulrik Vieth implemented @file{meta-mode.el}, for editing MetaFont code.
......@@ -1399,7 +1410,7 @@ zone out in front of Emacs.
Eli Zaretskii made many standard Emacs features work on MS-DOS and
Microsoft Windows. He also wrote @file{tty-colors.el}, which
implements transparent mapping of X colors to tty colors; and
@file{rxvt.el}. He implemented support for bidirectional text.
Jamie Zawinski wrote much of the support for faces and X selections.
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