Commit 198fa217 authored by Ken Brown's avatar Ken Brown

* src/alloc.c (make_save_ptr): Define if HAVE_NTGUI is defined (Bug#14944).

parent e81dd54d
2013-07-24 Ken Brown <>
* alloc.c (make_save_ptr): Define if HAVE_NTGUI is defined
2013-07-24 Paul Eggert <>
* eval.c (Fprogn): Do not check that BODY is a proper list.
......@@ -3371,7 +3371,7 @@ make_save_obj_obj_obj_obj (Lisp_Object a, Lisp_Object b, Lisp_Object c,
return val;
#if defined HAVE_NS || defined DOS_NT
#if defined HAVE_NS || defined HAVE_NTGUI
make_save_ptr (void *a)
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