Commit 19a151e5 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe-function-1): If many non-control non-meta

keys run the command, don't list all of them.
parent c7863346
......@@ -355,16 +355,31 @@ KIND should be `var' for a variable or `subr' for a subroutine."
(when (commandp function)
(let* ((remapped (command-remapping function))
(keys (where-is-internal
(or remapped function) overriding-local-map nil nil)))
(or remapped function) overriding-local-map nil nil))
;; Which non-control non-meta keys run this command?
(dolist (key keys)
(if (member (event-modifiers (aref key 0)) '(nil (shift)))
(push key non-modified-keys)))
(when remapped
(princ "It is remapped to `")
(princ (symbol-name remapped))
(princ "'"))
(when keys
(princ (if remapped " which is bound to " "It is bound to "))
;; FIXME: This list can be very long (f.ex. for self-insert-command).
(princ (mapconcat 'key-description keys ", ")))
(when (or remapped keys)
;; If there are many, remove them from KEYS.
(if (< (length non-modified-keys) 10)
(princ (mapconcat 'key-description keys ", "))
(dolist (key non-modified-keys)
(setq keys (delq key keys)))
(if keys
(princ (mapconcat 'key-description keys ", "))
(princ ", and many ordinary text characters"))
(princ "many ordinary text characters"))))
(when (or remapped keys non-modified-keys)
(princ ".")
(let* ((arglist (help-function-arglist def))
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