Commit 19c5fddb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(c-make-keywords-re): Don't use delete-duplicates.

(c-lang-const): Don't use mapcan.
parent 800bebe3
......@@ -972,7 +972,11 @@ of any identifier. Adorned regexps cannot be appended. The language
variable `c-nonsymbol-key' is used to make the adornment. The
optional MODE specifies the language to get it in. The default is the
current language (taken from `c-buffer-is-cc-mode')."
(setq list (delete-duplicates list :test 'string-equal))
(let (unique)
(dolist (elt list)
(unless (member elt unique)
(push elt unique)))
(setq list unique))
(if list
(let ((re (c-regexp-opt list)))
;; Add our own grouping parenthesis around re instead of
......@@ -1326,11 +1330,12 @@ This macro does not do any hidden buffer changes."
;; are no file dependencies needed.
(setq source-files (nreverse
;; Reverse to get the right load order.
(mapcan (lambda (elem)
(if (eq file (car elem))
nil ; Exclude our own file.
(list (car elem))))
(get sym 'source)))))
(apply 'nconc
(mapcar (lambda (elem)
(if (eq file (car elem))
nil ; Exclude our own file.
(list (car elem))))
(get sym 'source))))))
;; Spend some effort to make a compact call to
;; `c-get-lang-constant' since it will be compiled in.
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